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Family Fun

Why not make a special round challah cover with your children.

What you need:

  • A dark piece of tissue paper;

  • a ten-inch round doily;

  • colorful wrapping or construction paper;

  • glue and

  • a rag;

  • pencil and felt pens;

  • a lid from a pot; and

  • scissors.


  1. Use a 12-inch pot cover to draw a circle on the tissue paper.

  2. Cut out the circle.

  3. Glue the doily in the center of the circle.

  4. When dry, write the word challah, or Rosh Hashanah in the center of the doily with pens.

  5. Cut small holiday symbols out of the colored paper and glue them on the doily.

Decorating your holiday table can involve the whole family. Here's an idea for a beautiful apple center piece.

What you need:

  • Apples, any color;

  • white Shabbat candles;

  • evergreen leaves, or leaves made out of paper;

  • aluminum foil;

  • flowers,

  • nuts,

  • small pine cones,

  • doily.


  1. Wrap the bottom of the candles in about one-half-inch of foil.

  2. With an apple corer, make a hole in each apple. Insert candle.

  3. Arrange apples on a pretty platter or plate. It can be silver, wicker, china or pottery.

  4. Place leaves in between and around apples. You may also add flowers or pine cones or nuts to the arrangement.

Don't be left out in the synagogue. Bring your own homemade shofar. Here's how it's done.

What you need:

  • Gold and silver paper;

  • scissors;

  • pencil and a dark felt pen;

  • glue and

  • a rag.


  1.  Draw a large shofar on the outside of a card.

  2. Cut the gold and silver paper into small tiles shapes, such as squares, rectangles and trapezoids.

  3. Start a mosaic pattern by gluing the tiles on the inside of the shofar.

  4. When the tiles are dry, outline the shapes with a dark felt pen.

  5. Write different holiday greetings on your shofar.

It's always fun to send your own personal New Year greeting cards.

What you need:

  • Blank cards;

  • papers of any kind such as tissue, metallic, sand or rice paper;

  • wallpaper;

  • hebrew newspaper,

  • magazine pictures;

  • scissors;

  • glue and a rag.


  1. 1. Make cut outs of one or several shofarim and paste them on the front of your card.

  2. Write in the center of the card, Happy New Year or Shanah Tovah.

  3. Decorate the card with crayons or magic markers, or use glue and glitter.

  4. Take a family or individual photograph and tape that on the inside or outside of your card.





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